Melonaissance is a combination of two words--the Greek word melo, which means song, and the French word naissance, meaning birth. is advocating for a paradigmatic shift in "classical" music by means of a recalibration of its system of education. The articles posted to the site are intended to further this theme.

David jacobson

Violinist, writer and lecturer, David Jacobson is the founder of the San Francisco Institute of Music where he created a unique system of teaching, employing what he terms the theory of “bel canto instrumental technique,” now known as the SFIM (San Francisco Institute of Music) Method. He is a graduate of the Curtis Institute of Music, where he studied with Ivan Galamian, and has a Master of Music Performance degree from Boston University. Mr. Jacobson has appeared as soloist with the San Francisco Symphony, San Francisco Chamber Orchestra, and many other orchestras throughout the United States and has appeared in recital in the major capitals of Europe.

He is the author of Lost Secrets of Master Musicians--A Window Into Genius. In 2015 he founded a publishing company--SFIM Books. SFIM Books evolved as a response to the need for publications that speak about art in a way that presents rational arguments about the value of the aesthetic view of life. He launched on September 1, 2016.